Heritage High School Choir Winter Concert

This year’s Winter Choir was awesome at Heritage High School in Brentwood. The Winter Concert came off without a hitch as all of Mrs Hurst’s members sang their pieces in their ensembles. They quickly got everyone in a festive mood for the season.

HHS Choir Winter Concert Wide

Girls Choir Boogie woogie Bugle boy

The level of talent really shown through as more and more difficult pieces were sang throughout the evening. Mrs Hurst’s choirs sang in multiple languages demonstrating their proficiency through her demanding exactitude. The outstanding work extended into the students own command of individual groups inside of the choir. Their sub groups in individual ensembles showed great talent in executing their individual hand selected pieces. I myself was blown away by this particular ensemble for their spunk and peppy renditions of classic tunes.

Spratt Heritage High School Choir    Spratt is an ensemble with more classic tunes were also impressive. I remember them from last year and from this years Heritage Idol. I will probably post pictures from that event as I begin to rebuild my website. They performed well there as well.

All in all it was an excellent evening out at Heritage. I haven’t yet had a chance to review the video however I will. I am looking forward to the spring concert as well.

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