Sick 69′ Chevelle

So I was rolling down Brentwood Boulevard the other day when I saw this beautiful 69 Chevelle drop into O’Reilly’s. I told myself that I had to shoot it. So I pulled in and talked to Mike an IT professional who told me about his Chevelle that was rebuilt from scratch. I have to tell you that it was awesome. I challenged myself as I didn’t have the best lens to really bring this car to life but I really thought that it was an awesome ride. So I asked him if I could shoot it and he agreed. So here she is in all of her beautiful glory.

69 Chevelle

Mike’s 69 Chevelle in Brentwood

Classic 69 Chevelle

Classic Red Chevelle

69 Chevelle front with open hood

Chevelle Front with open hood.

69 Chevelle front

69 Chevelle front

69 Chevelle Engine

69 Chevelle Engine


Rear of 69 Chevelle

69 Chevelle rear

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